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SnapBack drink mix

2% of all sales are donated to first responders and wounded veteran charities!


Trust our scientifically formulated, 2-step solution

Our scientists perfected a formula that will actually increase your overall energy and health of your liver.

Caffeine Free

Dairy Free


Gluten Free

Boost Energy

Increase Focus

Pre Workout Fuel

Family Owned and Operated

key benefits

Replenishes your body with key electrolytes and vitamins that are depleted
Actively promotes liver health by reducing the effects of toxins and inflammation
Allows you easily to balance work and play without sacrificing the responsibilities of tomorrow

how to SnapBack

1 hour before:
Pour one packet into 5-8 oz. of cold water, stir w / spoon until mixed, then drink.

After your last:
Pour a second packet into 5-8 oz. of cold water, stir w / spoon until mixed, then drink.

Yep, it’s that easy.

11 reviews for SnapBack drink mix

  1. Mark

    I am a skeptic.
    But I gave it a try…
    IT WORKS‼️‼️‼️

  2. Paul

    Well, damn! I wasn’t going to drink last night, but we celebrated after my daughter announced her engagement. Knowing that I was going to imbibe on a ‘litle’ bit of red wine, which is my Achilles heel of hangovers, I used Snap Back. And for the first time in probably 20 years, I woke up after a night of red wine not only NOT suffering from that brutal red wine foggy haze, but with complete clarity, and I also slept like an absolute champ! Wow, just wow!

  3. Lee Lacaille Dennis

    I must say Snapback is the best product in my book. From an entertaining night of having adult beverages to just needing energy for work this product is definitely a great option. I insist…

  4. Steve Murphy

    It’s so nice to find an energy drink like SnapBack that doesn’t make you feel jittery or like you’ve taken something high in sugar or caffeine. It has a great balance and makes such a difference. We’ve been taking one a day before work outs, long days playing volleyball & having drinks in the beach. Love it and will keep it as part of our routine!

  5. Erica Whitney

    It really does help! Never drinking without it again!

  6. JE Gomez

    I went on a wine tour with a few friends and took some snapbacks. A friend and I took them before and we were doing great throughout it. Her husband had not taken it. After the wine tour, my friend and I were doing great, feeling good, and her husband who had not taken the SnapBack and was skeptical got a headache. Even so- we told him to take it anyway and within 15mins his headache was gone. The next day we all work up with no hangovers and actually with great energy. I sometimes also use it a vitamin supplement since I take medications that are hard on my body, if I feel a little dehydrated it helps refuel my body. I swear by this product and recommend it to anyone! Thanks!!!

  7. Vincent

    I was very skeptical about this but I get HORRIBLE hangovers at 41 and next day ‘hangxiety’ so I was willing to give anything a shot. This past weekend I drank enough to where I should have definitely had a hangover the following day and it made a HUGE difference. I took it as directed – one an hour before drinking and one when I was done drinking and the next day symptoms were a fraction of what they normally would have been. This stuff actually works. It doesn’t taste very good (it’s not bad either) but who cares? I just wish that the site would sell 10 or 20 packs instead of only 30.

  8. Cassie Stuart

    Shewww! Thank God for SnapBack! Hangovers are my worst nightmare…. Snap Back makes tomorrow soo much easier to handle after a night out!!! Not only does it help with my hangovers I love the all over health support of vitamins/nutrition but also workout and/or drinking recovery! Ha!!! I need to re order today!

  9. Colleen

    Brings me right back to life!! No more sluggish feeling after a night out of fun!

  10. Nani

    SnapBack is amazing!! I don’t even think of a night of drinking without starting with SnapBack.

  11. Michelle

    SnapBack works miracles. After a night of drinking I should have been hungover for days. Taken as recommended I felt like a normal human the next day. If you have kids this is a lifesaver. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.

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